Our Story

Our son, Taylor Gillespie, was a student at Texas A&M University, a member of the P-2 Tridents in the Corps of Cadets (and served as commander of the P-2 Company his senior year), a Ross Volunteer, and an officer in the student-run organization Ags of OAK (Open Acts of Kindness). He was known for his bright smile, sense of humor, playful attitude, loyal friendship and service, and the ability to make everyone around him immediately feel like a best friend. He loved dancing, rocking out to good music, making films, watching hilariously bad films, reading, and so much more. His love for Texas A&M was surpassed only by his love for his Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sadly, our son went to be with his Savior January 9, 2011, after a tragic car accident due to black ice while he was on his way back to A&M to finish his last semester before graduating in May.

We, his parents TJ and Tanya, always enjoyed Aggieland and loved to visit Taylor whenever we could. Unfortunately, finances often made our visits few and far between, so we are empathetic to other families who are also unable to visit their student children as often as they would like due to financial constraints. Time is precious, as we have learned, and we decided to move down to College Station to help other families spend more time with their student children by opening Taylor's Place, where families in need can stay for free.

But Taylor's Place is also open to students. We have always opened our home to kids who needed extra support, a stable family to look up to, or just a home-cooked meal and a listening ear. With Taylor's Place, we invite students to host their organizational parties, class or Corps projects, or simply hang out in a comfortable, homelike setting. We welcome familiesand students, and hope that Taylor's Place can serve as a home away from home.

Gig 'Em,